Together we'll work to grow your business, cement your legacy and empower your people.

What Makes Us Unique

We take a unique approach to investing in Founder owned businesses, with an emphasis on solving for the Founder’s objectives. Our strategy is to make the transaction quick and painless by offering a simple transaction structure of acquiring 100% of the business. We look to help transition the Founder into a functional role within the business or, if desired, help facilitate a transition out of the business. In either case, we look to bring in a CEO who is an expert in building teams to ensure that the Founder’s legacy will flourish.


A Home for your Business

Alpine SG is a group of leading software companies operated by world-class leadership teams. We approach every decision with a People First mindset and believe that people are the lifeblood of great software organizations. Founders of leading software companies have trusted Alpine SG as a long term home for their business and steward of their legacy. Alpine SG is backed by Alpine Investors, a San Francisco based private equity firm.

Selling your business is the most important transaction of your life and Founders trust us because we’ve had incredible success cementing their legacies, guiding their businesses through the next stage of their growth, and making sure their employees are empowered and engaged. Our People First mentality means that we approach each deal as a unique opportunity and work with the Founder to see what tools in our toolkit will support their business.

Because we are backed by Alpine Investors, we have the benefit of sharing best practices between dozens of exceptional leadership teams. All Alpine SG companies are members of the Alpine Investors family and have access to the community platform that connects leaders across the entire portfolio. We believe that by connecting CEOs, CTOs, and other senior leadership with their counterparts at other companies, everyone can learn and grow.

Investment Process

Quick Decisions

We make decisions quickly on opportunities and will be transparent with our feedback.

Simple Transactions

We acquire 100% of your business paying cash at close. No complicated and deceitful structures here.

Founder's Legacy

We help founders achieve their transaction goals and empower management with a proven playbook for growth.

Operating Principles

People First

Our PeopleFirst strategy means we believe building great businesses requires supporting and empowering great people.

Founder Transition

We help to facilitate your transition into a role that best suits your desires, in or out of the business.

Long Term Orientation

We have a 10+ year time horizon and are willing to make sacrifices in the short term for long term value creation.